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Improve business efficiency with Code’s reporting and analytics software for Microsoft teams.

“The perfect choice for us. We now have clear visibility of call quality, user adoption and employee productivity within our [UC environment].”

Frederik Christiansen
Group IT Operations Manager
EET Group

Some of the platforms we support:

Microsoft Teams Reporting and Analytics for a Blooming hybrid work set up

With Microsoft Teams, Cisco and other business communications platforms, your geographically distributed, hybrid working organisation can work, collaborate and thrive together. But only if you know how effectively your teams and remote workers are using your UC platform.

Clobba puts your finger on the pulse of your connected organisation. This easy-to-use suite of monitoring and analytical tools provides insights into user-adoption trends, call quality, employee productivity, call costs and much more. Clobba helps you turn your MS Teams platform into a powerful environment for joined-up business-building.

  • Historical user-defined dashboards
  • Cradle to grave reporting allowing analysis of multi-leg calls
  • CQ and AA overview page
  • Monitor Callbacks
  • Historical gamification through thresholds applied to wallboards
  • Pro-active alerts when user defined thresholds have been hit
  • Role-based access restricting use at feature and OU level
  • Deployed from the Code Cloud or in customer environment
  • Automated reports and AD Synchronization
  • Call details retained for a user-defined period
  • User-driven – apply filters, sorting and grouping to ensure relevance of information
  • Informed Decision Making

Real-time metrics – Dynamic decision making ensures sufficient resources are allocated and SLAs are being met

Historical trends – Visibility of performance trends gives a view of KPIs leading to higher levels of service delivery

Spikes in call volumes during the day or over the week can also be identified allowing for additional resources to be made available at these times.

  • Increased Productivity

Thresholds applied to wallboards introduce gamification and can motivate agents and teams

View problems in real-time such has low numbers of calls handled by agents and take the appropriate action

Deliver agents daily report on their activity

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction

With increased productivity and the monitoring of call handling trends comes the ability to raise customer satisfaction

The overall result of using Clobba is an increase in the efficiencies and use of the auto attendant and queues.

Clobba is available in 5 different languages including French!

Utilise Clobba for Microsoft Teams Analytics and improve company efficiency

See how you can take control of Microsoft Teams with Clobba, monitor performance, analyse usage and reduce costs company-wide

Watch below a demo on how Clobba helps with Microsoft Teams Call Queue Reporting & Auto Attendant monitoring

Teams Call Queue reporting and Auto Attendant monitoring

“[Clobba’s] suite of applications is very well designed and executed, providing a level of functionality that is significantly ahead of the competition.”

Rory Donnelly
Chief Information Officer, Nissan Ireland

Monitor team capacity and improve productivity with lower costs levels with Clobba on the world’s most popular UC platforms

Clobba and its modules tell you just about everything you need to know about your Unified Communications and Communications environment, from headset usage through to detailed DID number management.

The core historical reporting and analytics functionality of the microsoft teams analytics software are supported by five add-on modules that broaden its scope even further.

Clobba Voice Recorder, our voice-recording solution, can also function as a standalone application.

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User Friendly Advanced Reporting and Analytics tool to maximise your business's Comms Platforms investment

Clobba cuts through the fog that cloaks UC& Communications activity. Now you really can see who is doing what, where, and when – and how effectively they’re doing it.

Clobba is your own fully customisable window on an Australian organisation that could easily become the most efficient and collaborative in your sector. Utilising Code’s teams analytics tool will save you money, increase your productivity and improve customer satisfaction levels.

Clobba logo in white

Increase User Adoption

Manage User Experience

Multi-Lingual Software

Improve Productivity

Capacity Planning

Easier Cost Management

Reduce Abuse and Time Theft

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Catch our on-demand webinar to find out the best way to manage your Microsoft 365 licensing estate.

Clobba License Adoption logo in white and yellow


Catch our on-demand webinar to find out the best way to manage your Microsoft 365 licensing estate.