Manage your entire Microsoft 365 licensing estate with Clobba LA

Do we have enough M365 licenses? Are there any duplicates? Are users on the right licensing plan?

If you’re the one that must answer these questions, then you are painfully aware of how time-consuming accurate license management is.

In this 45-minute webinar Code Software’s product director Adrian Sturdy will give you a look into the most common challenges businesses face within the license lifecycle management, what process Microsoft provides for its users and how you can simplify and increase the accuracy of the license management process through Clobba LA.

You’ll learn:

  • How to capture and reassign unused or dormant Microsoft 365 licenses
  • Creating simple to configure, custom dashboard layouts
  • Solve and repair common business challenges – Inactive users with a license, underutilised licenses, duplicate licenses and disabled users with a license
  • How to configure and run Microsoft 365 license-based rules
  • How Clobba LA is the one place to see all the licenses within the business

Your licensing answers are less than three clicks away with the right tools. Watch on-demand now!

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Catch our on-demand webinar to find out the best way to manage your Microsoft 365 licensing estate.