Real-time wallboards and trend analytics for Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business

Manage queues, improve response times, and maximize productivity

“We can now monitor live calls, get managed alerts for active calls on multiple thresholds and report on budgetary information of calls, which would not be possible without Clobba.”
Andre de Araujo, Lead UC Architect
Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust

Visibility of the performance and productivity of your Microsoft Teams Call Queues, Auto Attendants, SfB Response Groups and agents

This simple, out-of-the-box wallboard and trend reporting for users of Microsoft Teams and SfB puts you in complete control. Clobba RT’s live call wallboards, historical dashboards, and supporting reports let you view and monitor agents, queues and auto-attendants in real time. Customizable to show you the relevant stats you require for the highest levels of customer service.

Key Features

Clobba RT

Clobba RT is part of a suite of tools that can be utilised for a wide range of businesses and establishments. Specifically built for organisations using Microsft Teams Call Queues and Auto-Attendants, Clobba RT can provide valuable data from which informed decisions can be made on resource allocation.

If your business or enterprise depends on Microsoft Teams as a platform, Clobba RT can provide you with a wealth of information that is invaluable to anyone managing a team. With so many companies moving to a “Work From Home” model, business continuity can be brought into question. The use of Queues and Auto-Attendants can assist with call handling and routing and utilizing Clobba RT alongside them you have all you need to observe and analyse important metrics that can make the difference in your business’s efficiency.

 Clobba RT is designed to be used for those that need visibility of Call Queues, Auto-Attendants and agent productivity. This is vital information to drive the highest levels of customer satisfaction through low call handling times.

Clobba RT is a part of the Clobba suite of tools that provides the mentioned insights to you. Clobba provides you with the core reporting and analytics. Clobba RT is a additional module to Clobba that allows visibility of Call Queues, Auto-Attendants and agents both in realtime and historical trends.

Clobba RT can provide you with a wide range of data and information so that you can analyse how your efficiently you are handling calls:

  • Call handling monitoring of Call Queues and Auto-Attendants as well as individual agent activity to help analyse and maximise productivity
  • Analytical representation of peaks and troughs in call handling times to view trends of your busiest times are so you can better schedule resources in the future
  • Queue and Auto-Attents performance reports and wallboards to give you an idea of how your team are dealing with calls
  • Caller and callee details are also provided for easy call-backs
  • Cradle to grave call journeys to highlight inefficiencies and improve call handling times

If you would like a demonstration or a trial on how Clobba and Clobba RT can be utilised for your business, get in touch with us today and fill out our Demo or Trial form.

Clobba RT is part of the Clobba suite of tools providing insights into the world of Microsoft Teams

Clobba and its modules tell you just about everything you need to know about Microsoft Teams, from headset usage to DID number management.

The core reporting and analytics of the Clobba application are supported by five add-on modules that manage and monitor multiple elements of your Microsoft Teams environment.

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