A complete Microsoft 365 license management solution

What does Clobba License Adoption do with Microsoft 365 licenses?

Clobba LA empowers organisations to see their licensing investment areas, drive adoption, right-size licensing and maximise the investment in their Microsoft technologies.

So we developed Clobba License Adoption (LA) following multiple customer requests and a general market requirement to create an at-a-glance license usage and management view for businesses. 

We assist organisations in realising cost savings to ‘true-up’ licenses at renewal and increase user adoption of underutilised license features highlighting areas for further education and training.

  • Ongoing Monitoring of consumption and costs of M365 Licenses
    • User-defined dashboards
    • Comprehensive filtering delivering only relevant information
  • License Analysis with actionable insights
  • Provisioning / Disabling licenses
  • Organisation view
  • Delegated / Role-based access

At its simplest, true up means ‘to make something true, equal, or correct.’ It has origins in both the finance/accountancy worlds as well as cycling, referring to altering the spokes to make the wheel level, balanced and even.

We will true-up licenses to make sure the business is using every license they pay for and ensure maximum usage from the organisation’s Microsoft investment.


We give insights on the consumption of all the base licenses within your Microsoft Azure Active Directory, as well as any add-on licenses you may also have. These include: 

  • E5, E3, F3, F1, A5, A3, A1
  • Phone System
  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium
  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard
  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic

Add-on licenses include:

  • E5 Security
  • E5 Comp

Capture and reassign unused or dormant Microsoft 365 licenses

Can any business, hand on heart, say they have simple and clear visibility on their entire Microsoft 365 license suite? How many E5s are being used? How many Teams Voice licenses have been purchased? Who are the dormant users or those with licenses still allocated to them even though they have left the business? This is the bread and butter for Clobba Licence Adoption.

For a start, it gives full views of all available and consumed licenses within Azure AD. It offers cost avoidance by capturing unused or stale licensing and the option of re-utilisation of licenses as well as tracking usage trends over time. It gives at-a-glance overviews or the option to drill down to individual user license use.

In addition, Clobba LA offers the options to track costs by country, location, department or even cost code for example, then easily re-distribute these costs based on usage. All of these features give businesses the key benefit of being able to easily understand current license availability and optimization areas and track investment costs in all Microsoft SKUs listed within the Active Directory.

Fully editable individual licensing pricing entry, to help manage variable and cross departmental charging

One place to see paid for and free licenses within the business, plus the difference between consumed and paid for licenses.

What is Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)?

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is a cloud-based identity and access management service. Azure AD enables employees to gain access to external resources, such as Microsoft 365, the Azure portal, and thousands of other Software as a Service (SaaS) applications like Clobba and our suite of resources. Azure Active Directory also helps teams access internal resources like apps on a corporate intranet, and any custom-made cloud apps developed by an organization. 

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Fully customisable dashboards to quickly and clearly display the information needed

A suite of customisable dashboards and analytics tools to help organisations to understand and manage their Microsoft licensing utilisation and investments.

Read only access from the customer’s AD
Easy to configure
Easy to understand
Easy to manage

Customisable views:

  • Configurable M365 Rules, displayed in a dashboard view 
  • Customise views to suit business needs
  • Drag-and-drop widgets onto the dashboard and pin them where you want them to build out viewpoints that give you actionable information
  • Instant reports direct from Active Directory to aid business decisions and ease of management
  • Easily accessible – pre-configured dashboards to get to the information you need in seconds
  • Fully customisable – Provide the business views of the important data you need.
  • Light and dark mode
  • Multiple data sources to group views by
  • View in any Active Directory tracked areas
  • Individual or multiple product selections
  • Filters to narrow search results to required views 

Use unique, business-friendly extension attributes in dashboards

Using a company’s own Active Directory, import the relevant Extension Attributes into the platform and bring an additional level of visible customization to Clobba LA dashboards.

It allows organisations to search and display using their own business trackers, to import business function areas, cost code, operation codes, employment status, job roles – complete flexibility within the extension attributes that have already been setup and deployed. Even assign friendly names for greater clarity and understanding for those using the data.

Create and select configurable Microsoft 365 license-based rules

Common business challenges that Clobba LA will help repair

Just some of the Microsoft 365 licenses Clobba LA will give insights on:

Deliver better customer service to clients

Having a workforce using the correct licensing not only aids efficiency in the business from a cost perspective, but has big implications for productivity and the ability for the workforce to perform to their best capacity.

Clobba LA will assist with service adoption by running organisation-wide license analysis, identifying the gaps and empowering through insights and training, therefore leading to higher individual and team adoption. Our simple reporting tools will provide easy to understand outcomes to track improvements across the business and license compliance. The right licenses give access to the right Microsoft tools and therefore the best experience to clients.

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Our newest module gives visibility on licensing investment areas, helps drive adoption, right-sizes licensing and maximises investment in Microsoft technologies.


Our newest module gives visibility on licensing investment areas, helps drive adoption, right-sizes licensing and maximises investment in Microsoft technologies.