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Need to manage your Call Queues and Auto Attendants outside of the Teams admin portal?

Clobba QM delivers improved efficiencies for any organization using Teams Call Queues and Auto-Attendants

Allowing full configuration of Microsoft Teams Call Queues and Auto Attendants without the requirement of a Teams administrator role

Edit Queue Dashboard


Comprehensive User Defined Security Policies

Removes the necessity to contact and use employees with a Teams administrator role to make configuration changes to CQs and AAs. An unlimited number of access policies can be defined restricting configuration options at organisation unit levels down to selecting specific CQs and AAs.

Like For Like CQ And AA Configuration Options with the Teams Admin Portal

All available configuration options in the Teams Admin portal are replicated in Clobba QM for both Auto Attendants and Call Queues. No compromise is required at the config level. The result is call handling times are reduced and customer satisfaction levels increase

Supports Role Based Access and Single Sign On (SSO)

The relevant security policy is applied to employees when logging on to Clobba. Meaning team leaders or managers have the ability to make resources changes and call handling options at a local level. This frees up IT Admin for other tasks

View Queue and AA Performance

The simple table on the landing page gives summary performance statistics or more comprehensive CQ, AA and Agent performance can be seen using Clobba and Clobba RT



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