Need to manage your Call Queues and Auto Attendants outside of the Teams admin portal?

Allows full configuration of Microsoft Teams Call Queues and Auto Attendants without the requirement of a Teams administrator role

Save time and reduce risk by automating number management and provisioning

“[Clobba’s] suite of applications is very well designed and executed, providing a level of functionality that is significantly ahead of the competition.”
Rory Donnelly, Chief Information Officer
Nissan Ireland

Improved efficiencies for any organisation using Teams Call Queues and Auto-Attendants

Increases efficiencies, taking away the requirement for Auto Attendant and Call Queue configuration tasks being performed only by employees with a Teams Administrator role means that changes can be made quicker addressing call handling issues when they arise.

Free-up IT Resources with less tickets being raised on IT support personnel they have more time to focus on their core functions.

Improves customer satisfaction by optimising AA and CQ performance ensuring a reduction in call handling times and missed calls resulting in an increase in customer satisfaction.

Key Features

Edit Queue Dashboard

Clobba QM is part of the Clobba suite of tools providing insights into Microsoft Teams

Clobba and its modules tell you just about everything you need to know about Microsoft Teams, from headset usage to DID number management.

The core reporting and analytics of the Clobba application are supported by five add-on modules that broaden its scope.

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