Unified Communications Reporting, Analytics and Management Solutions

Clobba is used by organizations around the world to ensure their UC platform and associated elements are being used as efficiently as possible. UC reporting can assist in driving user adoption, maintaining the highest levels of call quality, increasing employee productivity, reducing costs and increasing efficiencies within your UC&C environment from headsets to SIP trunks to DID ranges all with a single modular application. Quick and easy access to relevant data is achieved through analytics, search based reporting, dashboards, trend monitors and on screen data dissection. 

How is Clobba helping different organizations?

We are currently offering free licences for students as our way of assisting Educational institutes in delivering consistent levels of teaching with students home schooling.


With Educational institutes around the world implementing home schooling due to Covid-19, platforms such as Microsoft Teams are being widely deployed. Visibility of use has become essential to ensure a level of continuity and engagement for students. Clobba can assist by reporting on:

  • Student participation in classes
  • Duration students are in classes
  • How students are joining classes
  • Summary of Teams courses
  • Student activity in Teams classes
  • Use of video, messaging and voice calling
  • Devices being used such as headsets
  • Wifi calling and potential quality issues
  • Handling times for call queues such as the Admissions department


Many healthcare institutions are rapidly changing the way they are working with the introduction of remote consultations using UC to deliver a more efficient and safer way of working. Communication between healthcare professionals uses technology to efficiently collaborate which requires the highest levels of UC delivery. This can all be monitored by Clobba which delivers details on: 

  • User adoption of UC
  • Call handling times
  • Volumes of conferences and attendees
  • Home worker productivity stats
  • Capacity planning of SIP trunks
  • DID allocation and management
  • Use of approved headsets
  • Voice recording for dispute resolution and training


Continuity is essential for Government organizations which must be accessible and lines of communication open regardless of any changes in working arrangements. UC is playing a major role in delivering the infrastructure to achieve this but visibility is required to ensure that service levels and collaboration are being achieved. Clobba assists Government organizations by reporting and analyzing on:

  • User adoption of UC
  • Call handling times
  • Volumes of conferences and attendees
  • Home worker productivity stats
  • Capacity planning of SIP trunks
  • DID allocation and management
  • Use of approved headsets
  • Voice recording for dispute resolution and training


With the sudden need for many employees to work from home many organizations have rapidly deployed UC platforms such as Microsoft Teams. However this now presents concerns about business continuity and the ability to view activity from the home workers. Clobba is ideal in this situation delivering details on:

  • User Adoption
  • Conferencing adoption
  • Call handling times including auto attendant and queue performance
  • Video calling including quality
  • Use of approved devices (Headsets)
  • Call quality on home wi-fi’s
  • User activity within Teams to collaborate
  • Call cost
  • Capacity planning for SIP trunk utilization
  • Voice recording for dispute resolution, training and ensuring high levels of service delivery


Clobba can take feeds from multiple data sources such as UC platforms and Dealer Board solutions, as such it is a single application delivering visibility across your entire organization. Specifically Clobba can benefit finance sector customers through:

  • Private wire and SIP trunk utilization
  • Trader activity stats
  • Identify activity with key clients
  • Fixed and variable costs for charge back to traders
  • Device utilization by trader
  • Identify trends in call costs
  • Monitor performance against KPI’s
  • Toll fraud
  • Back office call handling

Our Solutions

Take a look at our different solutions for Unified Communications analytics below. 

Reporting, analytics, monitoring and management of your UC environment

Inventory and management of your headsets and devices from multiple vendors 

Monitoring and management of multiple DID ranges with a single pane of glass view 

Quick and easy access to Microsoft Teams collaboration use across an organization 

Simple to use, cost effective Voice Recording for Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business

Real-time wallboards for Skype for Business Response Groups and Amazon Connect 

Feature rich solutions

  • Modular application
  • Centralised solution
  • Automated AD synch
  • Report scheduling
  • Report assistant
  • Simple searching
  • Role-based access policies
  • System alerts
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Scales from SME to Enterprise
  • Multiple data sources 
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