Microsoft Teams Queues and Auto Attendant: Real-time and Historical Wallboards and Reporting with Clobba

With the widespread deployment of Teams as a complete voice solution many organizations are using the Queue and Auto Attendant features. As native features of Teams they offer a solution to call routing and handling which can be a cost-effective alternative to 3rd party contact centre solutions.

However, many organizations using Teams Queues and AAs feel they are missing the dashboards and detailed reporting available with 3rd party contact center, used to view performance and drive the highest levels of customer satisfaction. This is where Clobba and Clobba RT can assist delivering real-time and historical user-driven reporting, wallboards and summary screens which show Queue, AA and agent performance. Effectively some of the missing pieces of the ‘lite’ Contact Centre.

Clobba is a suit of solutions built to increase the efficiencies of a MS Teams environment and includes voice recording, device management, DID range and DID range management.

Clobba RT, an additional module to Clobba has been designed and built specifically for organizations using Queues and Auto Attendants. It provides advanced reporting and wallboards both in real-time and historically to view trends in call handling and productivity.

Key features of Clobba and Clobba RT

  • Realtime and historical user defined dashboards
  • Cradle to grave reporting allowing analysis of multi-leg calls
  • Agent presence status
  • CQ and AA overview page
  • Monitor Callbacks
  • Pro-active alerts when user defined thresholds have been hit
  • Gamification through thresholds applied to wallboards
  • Role based access restricting use at feature and OU level
  • Deployed from the Code Cloud or in customer environment
  • Automated reports
  • AD Synchronization
  • Call details retained for a user defined period
  • User driven – apply filters, sorting and grouping to ensure relevance of information


  • Informed Decision Making

Real time metrics – Dynamic decision making ensures sufficient resources are allocated and SLAs are being met

Historical trends – Visibility of performance trends gives a view of KPIs leading to higher levels of service delivery

Spikes in call volumes during the day or over the week can also be identified allowing for additional resources to be made available at these times.

  • Increased Productivity

Thresholds applied to wallboards introduce gamification and can motivate agents and teams

View problems in real-time such has low numbers of calls handled by agents and take the appropriate action

Deliver agents daily report on their activity

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction

With increased productivity and the monitoring of call handling trends comes the ability to raise customer satisfaction

The overall result of using Clobba is an increase in the efficiencies and use of the auto attendant and queues.

We have found that productivity can increase by up to 40% when agents receive a daily email with a report detailing their activity for the day.


New for 2021 Introducing our latest addition to the Clobba suite Clobba Queue Manager!

Clobba QM takes the time and effort away from having to use the Teams Admin portal for CQ and AA configuration and puts it into the hands of the managers and team leaders

  • Role based access allows for localized management of CQs and AAs without the delay of central control via the Teams administrator
  • All call flows and configuration options that are available in the Teams Admin Centre are available in Clobba QM
  • Simple to use interface for none technical staff
  • Used with Clobba and Clobba RT you have visibility of real time and historical performance trends allowing for quick and easy configuration of CQs and AAs resulting in acceptable call handling times and that SLAs are being met

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