Management, reporting and inventory of your headsets and devices

Manage devices, increase drive adoption and improve device inventory

Take full control of your headset estate

“[Clobba’s] suite of applications is very well designed and executed, providing a level of functionality that is significantly ahead of the competition.”
Rory Donnelly, Chief Information Officer
Nissan Ireland

Clobba DM helps you drive headset adoption, deliver firmware updates, and increase efficiencies through centralised management

No more doubt about who’s using what. This is a tool for maintaining service levels and improving productivity, while integration with Clobba gives end-to-end visibility of device usage and associated call quality.

Clobba DM allows you to have centralised control of all of your auxiliary devices that are used for the purpose of calls through Microsoft Teams.

Key Features

Clobba DM

Clobba DM can be used for a range of headset and device manufacturers. We support headsets from Jabra, EPOS and Poly.

Clobba DM can provide you with a wide range of insights that allow you to manage your headset devices with ease. Clobba DM’s key features are:

  • Easy bulk updating of firmware, reducing the chance of human error when updating, ensuring all devices are up to date and working as intended.
  • Ensure your employees/team are using the allocated, certified devices to ensure call quality can be guaranteed and your are optimizing your investment in headsets.
  • Giving you a detailed breakdown of inventory, firmware versions, device ID’s as well as device usage statistics.

Clobba DM, as well as the wider suite of tools, can be utilised by a range of sectors. We currently provide our tools to a wide range of companies, ranging from car manufacturers, airlines, fashion brands, retail brands as well as charities and the public sector. Clobba DM isn’t just effective in the enterprise sector, as it can be used by any establishment that wants to be able to control company property and to see how its employees are using them.

We want to show everyone the power of Clobba & Clobba DM and what it can provide to your company. If you are curious about how Clobba DM can improve how your workforce is using Microsoft Teams, we can set up a demo or a 30-day free trial so you can see first-hand how our software can improve business effectiveness and profitability.

Clobba DM is part of the Clobba suite of tools providing insights into Microsoft Teams

Clobba and its modules tell you just about everything you need to know about Microsoft Teams, from headset usage to DID number management.

The core reporting and analytics of the Clobba application are supported by five add-on modules that broaden its scope.

Supported Manufacturers

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