Managing and controlling costs of a MS Teams Pay-As-You-Go calling plan with Clobba

With the recent announcement by Microsoft of Teams Pay-As-You-Go Calling Plans they have, in theory, released an inexpensive 1st party option that means there is a solution for all Teams voice users. All outgoing calls are charged based on the minutes used and there is an unlimited amount of inbound minutes. PAYG is a fourth choice for Teams voice users alongside Calling Plans, Direct Routing and Operator Connect but frustratingly, PAYG calling plans will not be available in US due to tax complications which is not ideal!

The myriad of calling options available to organizations considering Teams as a PBX replacement means visibility of call costs and usage is now an essential requirement and not just a nice to have. Ongoing visibility of call costs will give organizations the accurate information required to ensure they have made the correct choice. Cost reports may identify that CP’s, DR or OC options are a more cost effective solution than PAYG.

The call reporting market has seen many changes over the years. The management and reduction of call costs were certainly the main requirement for many years back in the PBX days. However, as UC came into fruition, call cost reporting took somewhat of a back seat as other reporting requirements such as call quality, business continuity and employee productivity, became more prevalent. The UC specific requirements are very much still around and sit alongside the call cost reporting as it makes its resurgence in the wake of the PAYG announcement from Microsoft.

This is where Clobba really comes into its own as a centralized reporting solution for organizations using Teams. Its call rating engine allows the PAYG tariff table to be used generating accurate cost reports across the entire organization or filtered by location, department or even down to individual employees. The reports are typically distributed internally allowing cost centres to manage their call spend often leading to a reduction in costs or identifying potential employee abuse.  

Example Call Cost report showing breakdown by individual and department

Alerts can also be set, generated when a defined cost threshold has been reached by a Teams voice user enabling pro-active management of call costs.

So if you’re considering adopting a PAYG Teams voice tariff, make sure you also give considerable thought to a reporting solution to accompany it to give yourself the security of precise call cost monitoring too.

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