Various UC platforms all requiring advanced reporting, analytics and management tools

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Clobba for Microsoft Teams

“Setting up reports and alerts is straightforward … helping us to continually assess our business case for deploying Microsoft Voice Platform and also in holding our suppliers to account – both of quality and cost metrics.”

David Abosch
IT Project Manager, Subsea 7

Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business

If you’re not leveraging business insights to enhance your work smarter, you’re not reaching peak performance.

Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business are exceptional tools for managing a team of remote workers or an organization that’s geographically dispersed. But, these platforms lack the advanced analytical tools needed to effectively monitor even the simplest Teams or Skype for Business environments. Without those tools, you’re potentially working in the dark.

Clobba Enhances Your Operational Efficiency by Fixing Sub-Optimal Performance

Clobba is a comprehensive suite of tools designed specifically for UC-enabled businesses. Offering capabilities to monitor, report, analyze, and manage various aspects of these environments. They monitor, report, analyze and manage multiple elements of a Teams or SfB environment. Clobba delivers the insights needed to enhance teamwork productivity and overall business effectiveness. We can also help with migrations from SfB to Microsoft Teams, giving insights during the migration processes to spot potential areas for licencing true-up, cost reduction and cleaning up of DIDs.


Are you achieving the efficiencies you expected from Cisco Unified Communications and Cisco Jabber?

Without the right tools to measure UC performance, it’s impossible to know if your team’s productivity is up or down.

Cisco Unified Communications and Cisco Jabber are superb platforms for supporting remote teams or managing a geographically distributed organization. But, neither platform offers the necessary tools to track individual or collective performance accurately. This lack of visibility means you can’t confirm if your team is working efficiently or if customers are receiving the service levels they deserve.

Clobba Elevates Your UC Performance

Clobba is a suite of tools specially developed for businesses that want to make their Unified Communications environment more productive. Four specific tools – Clobba, Clobba RT (for Jabber only), Clobba DM, and Clobba RM – provide transparency and understanding within Cisco’s UC platforms, including Cisco Unified Communications (CUCM) and Cisco Jabber. These modules allow you to monitor, report, and analyze your team’s performance across a variety of UC&C activities. It provides the data, the insights, and the clarity to help you improve productivity, call quality, and customer service.

Outstanding Monitoring Tool for Cisco UC Platforms:

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“The perfect choice for us. We now have clear visibility of call quality, user adoption and employee productivity within our [UC environment].”

Frederik Christiansen
Group IT Operations Manager, EET Group

Trading Solutions

Is your trading platform performing below its potential?

If you can’t measure your operational performance, you’re missing the data and insights needed for improvement.

Trading solutions from companies like IPC, Etrali, and Speakerbus are highly effective for their users. Nevertheless, they lack the vital analytical tools required to assess platform efficiency and pinpoint areas needing improvement. Without those tools, you’re relying on guesswork.

Clobba Improves Customer Service and Operational Efficiency

Clobba is a suite of user-friendly tools developed for UC-enabled businesses. These data-driven tools for monitoring, reporting, managing and analyzing performance help multiply the effectiveness of their overall voice environments. They give forward-thinking businesses the insights that help them serve their customers far more effectively.

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Catch our on-demand webinar to find out the best way to manage your Microsoft 365 licensing estate.

Clobba License Adoption logo in white and yellow


Catch our on-demand webinar to find out the best way to manage your Microsoft 365 licensing estate.