NetNordic Summit 2022

Earlier this year, we were asked to exhibit at the annual NetNordic summit alongside our long-standing partner UC Change, and in June we made our first trip out to Oslo to attend the event. Spread over two days, the first session of the event was focussed on all internal Net Nordic staff, giving us the opportunity to discuss ongoing opportunities and build new relationships. Day two however, was all about the customers!  

The Clobba suite of products generated lots of interest and some great conversations to reinforce our decision to focus on the region as one of our key expansion sites. As our partner in the region, Per Hesthaven, Managing Partner at UC Change reiterated, “It was a pleasure to meet a lot of NetNordics large customers and to hear NetNordics plans going forward and to, once again, have the value of Clobba in complex large companies confirmed.”

“When Clobba is injected to the collaboration between NetNordic, as a leading system integrator and large complex companies with several voice-platforms, Clobba can be the single pane of glass, that can show performance across multiple voice platforms like Mitel, Avaya Teams and more. This brings a much stronger base for managing customer service across the organization and to strategically plan for migration.”

Another key takeaway from the event for Per was the value of the Code suite of products and how it can help to “liberate the handling of Teams voice from the restrictions in the Teams admin roles.”

“We are looking forward to bringing all competencies to the table to assist NetNordic and their customers in further improving the value of Teams and voice-platforms.”

The event was capped off with an amazing boat trip round the beautiful Norwegian fjords paired with great people, food and music. Thank you NetNordic for the invite and we are already looking forward to visiting again next year.

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