Commsverse – Why attending industry events matters

After a hugely successful 2023 Commsverse event, we thought we’d do something a little different from us as a wrap-up of the event. Rather than one view of the event, we’ve collated three takes from our Senior Team who were present at the show and you’ll see, a very happy team here at Code!

Mark Armstrong – CEO
Yet again the Commsverse Team pulled off an incredible event at Mercedes Benz World. This year broke all previous records reaching capacity for attendees and sponsors. Code was there in force and kudos to Steve Key, Code’s marketing man for creating a great-looking booth with our now traditional golf theme. Even with Six Code employees manning the stand there were times that delegates were queuing to speak to us, incredible!

The event served as an invaluable conduit for networking with friends, partners, and customers both old and new. Commsverse truly showed the power of the Teams community in the UK and drew in many attendees from around the world – it was particularly nice to see the Comms vNext team who flew over from the US. We can’t wait for next year.

Adrian Sturdy – Product Director
Having only ever attended as an attendee to speak to partners and network, I was glad to see that this year there were more customers than partners or industry consultants than years gone by.

The majority of my two days were spent having in-depth conversations on our licensing analytics solution Clobba LA. Also, lots of interesting conversations where partners and customers alike needed help with inbuilt systems or 3rd party solutions that were hard to navigate, manage or deploy.

Key takeaways: Our solution is quick and easy to enable compared to other platforms, that it is a secure Azure hosted application is a huge plus, the ease of which to use our drag and drop monitors to display information with click-through to drill down underlying data another big positive. You’re never more than three clicks to get to the answer you’re looking for.

Kieran Mullins – Partner Director
Commsverse is a unique event in that it brings together a group of people focused on all things Microsoft Teams. What this means for the attendees is they are presented with an array of relevant technologies and have access to informative and well-attended seminars.

For the exhibitors like Code Software, unlike some other events where messages can get diluted, the outcome is a roomful of like-minded individuals who are keen to learn about our latest solution enhancements and product offerings. Even though the Code representative team was bigger (in so many ways) than ever before, there were times in between the technical sessions when we didn’t have enough people to cope with the demand for discussions, demos, or a bit of general bonhomie. A nice problem to have.

Since the event, we have been working through the requests for more information and further meetings and we look forward to developing new relations whilst forging stronger links with our excellent existing partners and customers.

Amongst all the Teams-fest stuff, other things that should – or could – never be ignored are the delicious and copious refreshments, the great venue, and the after-hours wind-down with a beer or two. Excellent work by the Commsverse team once again.

This is the type of outcome we hope to see after an event, and Commsverse always delivers.

If for any reason we didn’t get the chance to chat, you can start reading about the Clobba License Adoption module here or directly sign up for a demo.

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