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“A good choice. The dashboard is particularly useful for getting a quick look at both quality and volume metrics, and can be filtered to focus on specific sites or on the global deployment.”

Øyvind Lende, Networks Administrator
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A simple and affordable voice recording solution for Microsoft Teams

Built for Microsoft Teams, Clobba VR delivers a wide range of call recording features for both internal and external calls as well as Microsoft Teams meetings. It’s typically used for training, monitoring or dispute resolution, ensuring the highest levels of customer service levels (Especially when used alongside other productivity tools available in the Clobba suite). The Clobba VR solution is installed on your Microsoft Teams tenant servers, which means you retain full ownership rights with the recorded calls remaining in your environment. Recorded users must have a Microsoft Teams Phone System licence allowing for the recording of inbound, outbound, internal, federated and conference calls.

Clobba VR offers a recording solution that enables a range of functionality that is otherwise unavailable in Microsoft Teams. From monitoring the quality of your calls to resolving disputes and protecting your employees from abuse, Clobba VR can make a difference in the efficiency of your organization, whether it operates in the US only or globally.

Key Features

Clobba VR

Call Barging For Efficient Problem Solving and Training

The latest feature addition to Clobba VR is ‘Call Barging‘, which enables team leaders and managers to listen in to live calls and speak with both the agent and the caller. This much requested feature enables you to take an active role in a call ensuring both the highest levels of customer satisfaction and best practices are being adopted for agent training.

Customer issues can be addressed as they arise and the less experienced agents can be assured of support from more senior members of the team. Issues are assessed and resolved in real-time and, when required, the conversations can be steered back on track resulting in an increase in happy customers and a more skilled and competent workforce.

Used alongside other productivity tools in the Clobba suite, such as call analytics, you can be assured customer issues are resolved in a timely manner and agents are skilled and trained quickly and efficiently.

Clobba VR

Clobba VR is part of the Clobba suite of tools providing insights into Microsoft Teams

Clobba and its modules tell you just about everything you need to know about Microsoft Teams, from headset usage to DID number management.

The core reporting and analytics of the Clobba application are supported by five add-on modules that broaden its scope.

Clobba VR, our voice-recording solution, can function as a standalone application.

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Catch our on-demand webinar to find out the best way to manage your Microsoft 365 licensing estate.

Clobba License Adoption logo in white and yellow


Catch our on-demand webinar to find out the best way to manage your Microsoft 365 licensing estate.