Case study – SSAFA

Nick Gatt, Director of IT at SSAFA explains a little about his journey with Clobba and how it’s helping this important Armed Forces charity. 

Our customer
“Up until now, the foray into Teams telephony and queues was a proof of concept. The addition of the Clobba RT service has now proven the concept for full cloud telephony. And after a number of small pilots, the business has now approved the decommissioning of on-prem telephony and a full move to Teams telephony.”

Challenges before Clobba:
“With a reliance on Microsoft Teams since the pandemic began, it was only a matter of time before telephony with Teams was explored. Teams telephony by itself was OK but complex features like auto attendants and queues meant that key information was missing when compared to the incumbent on-prem Avaya telephony platform and reporting system that people were used to – a bit like driving a car blindfolded.

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, the Forcesline team simply had their office phones forwarded to their mobiles.

It technically meant that beneficiaries could be supported, however, as a business continuity plan it was not perfect. There was no insight into call volumes, and it was a manual change every day to remove people from the call queues as they decompressed or had days off.

Deploying Clobba meant SSAFA could manage this new way of working and delivered insight into how Teams was being utilised more broadly within the organisation.”

“Simple to use, Clobba delivers valuable insights into your Microsoft Team’s performance and productivity. It drives user adoption and increases user experience whilst helping to reduce costs and improve efficiencies. The emphasis is on quick, easy access to relevant information and the automation of many of the reporting tasks.

Clobba RT’s live call wallboards, historical dashboards, and supporting reports let you view and monitor agents and queues in real time.”

“Clobba has enabled Forcesline to monitor in real time how many calls were being presented vs agents available vs missed calls. With the incumbent Avaya on-prem system, a TV screen provided the team and their supervisor with real time data to ensure beneficiary need was being met in a timely fashion. Clobba essentially replicated that in the cloud and delivered it via a web page.
Forcesline are now able to monitor incoming calls, how many are missed or abandoned regardless of the geographic dispersion of team members. The Forcesline supervisor can ensure the right balance of people are manning the phone lines instead of running blind.”

Favourite feature:
“Real-time dashboard and dashboard trend over time. We can mirror – and even improve upon – the previous reporting system for the Avaya platform.”

About SSAFA:
SSAFA is the UK’s one of the oldest national tri-service military charities established in 1885, a complex organisation with 300 employees and over 4500 volunteers. Volunteers are based all around the UK and across Europe, providing local casework services to veterans, their families and those who might still be serving. SSAFA support the MoD and is contracted to run key services, such as family support and social work services across the RAF, with a presence on most bases. Further to this SSAFA runs an adoption service that is not bound by Local Authority borders. This service has meant it is possible for serving people/families, who are often moved around the UK (or further afield) by Command, to adopt.

SSAFA approached Code Software towards the end of 2020 and has been using Clobba since January 2021 to help support their Forcesline service, which is a helpline for those serving, those who have served, or their families.

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