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“The flexibility [of] reports has allowed us to fill call-reporting needs that had been missing in the past.”

Kevin Craig
Network Systems Administrator, City of Bellevue

Clobba is used by organizations worldwide to maximize the efficiency of their Unified Communications (UC) platforms and associated elements.

UC reporting tools are instrumental in enhancing user adoption, maintaining superior call quality, boosting employee productivity, reducing costs, and optimizing overall efficiencies within your UC&C environment – from licenses to SIP trunks to DID management – all within a single modular application.

Quick and easy access to relevant data is facilitated through advanced analytics, search-based reporting, dashboards, trend monitoring, and on-screen data analysis.

How is Code empowering various organizations?


With Educational institutes around the world implementing home schooling due to Covid-19, platforms such as Microsoft Teams are being widely deployed. Ensuring visibility and engagement is crucial for maintaining continuity and engagement for students. Clobba can assist by reporting on:

We are currently offering FREE licences for students as our way of assisting Educational Institutes in delivering consistent levels of teaching with students’ homeschooling


The healthcare sector is rapidly transitioning to remote consultations to improve efficiency and safety. Effective communication among healthcare professionals via UC is essential. Code’s software monitors:


For government organizations, maintaining continuity and open communication lines is imperative, regardless of shifts in work arrangements UC plays a critical role in sustaining this infrastructure. Code’s solutions enhance government operations by analyzing: – UC user adoption


The sudden shift to remote work has led many organizations to quickly deploy UC platforms like Microsoft Teams. This raises concerns about business continuity and remote activity visibility. Code’s software provides detailed insights on:


Code’s software integrates data from multiple sources like UC platforms and Dealer Board solutions, offering comprehensive visibility across your organization. This visibility is especially beneficial to the finance sector:

The Clobba suite of tools providing insights into the world’s most popular UC platforms

Clobba and its modules tell you just about everything you need to know about your UC&C environment, from license adoption to DID number management.

The core reporting and analytics of the Clobba application are supported by five add-on modules that broaden its scope.

Two of the supporting modules – Clobba VR and Clobba LA – can function as standalone applications.

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Catch our on-demand webinar to find out the best way to manage your Microsoft 365 licensing estate.

Clobba License Adoption logo in white and yellow


Catch our on-demand webinar to find out the best way to manage your Microsoft 365 licensing estate.