Case study – Adar IT

VP of Customer Success, Jason Sachs, takes time to explain how Clobba has helped Adar IT. 

Our customer:

“Over the years I have learned how important it is to be able to not only have, but easily pull, call data in a call center environment. Code Software is giving me back large portions of my day by making reporting such an easy task. Not to mention how customizable the dashboards are and the value they bring.”


“The challenge I faced was finding an accurate and efficient way to not only pull and retain data, but also provide the data to my team. Our previous software fell short in this regard and took way too long for me to pull reports. It also didn’t have great dashboard features or real-time monitoring. Realtime monitoring in a call center environment is a huge upgrade.”


“Since moving to Clobba, I personally have much more time to focus on what I need to. The easy reporting features make it simple to update my daily, weekly, and monthly reports and saves me a ton of time.

I am able to provide better – and more in depth reports – to my team and can really focus in on areas of improvements. The real-time dashboards are a huge help to my manager and team as they can constantly see who is on the phone and how many calls they are taking on a daily basis. The efficiency this is proving me and my team is worth every penny.”


“My favourite feature is definitely the real time monitoring. With everyone working remote it is quick and easy to see who is and who isn’t currently on a call.”

About Adar IT:

Adar takes the guesswork out of deployment, management, optimization, and pricing of all your IT needs. With solutions for local, national, and international organizations, Adar pairs cutting-edge virtualized environments with enterprise-level security, support, and awardwinning customer service – all monitored and maintained for you 24/7/365.

Adar started in Chicago in 2005 as a cloudbased virtualization and IT consulting company dedicated to helping businesses virtualize their infrastructure – and it is much of what we still do today.

Adar has 200+ customers all over the world who rely on our IT services every day. With a 94 NPS score and 98%-99% customer satisfaction rating, Adar is a leader in client success

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