20 million daily users in the world – that’s a fact.

Clobba MT

As many of you will have seen, last week Microsoft announced that they have now exceeded 20 million daily active users on Teams. This is a 50% increase since July when they achieved 13 million users.

Microsoft proffered more interesting stats, telling us Teams customers have participated in over 27 million voice or video meetings and 200 million actions on files stored on their service.

One notable competitor has questioned the classification of an “active” user and cite their own success in achieving higher engagement from albeit a smaller group of users, but these are, nevertheless, impressive stats.

But with so much activity, what does this mean for the poor folk who have to manage their company’s Teams platform?

Given that each user can create up to 250 teams (unless restrictions are applied) and a global administrator can create 500,000, it is easy to see how management of a Teams environment could quickly get out of hand. One member of Teams could participate in up to 1000 teams and each team could have 200 associated channels. The potential levels of activity involved here are mind-boggling.

So how do we keep a handle on all this activity? One way is to use the out-of-the-box reporting tool from Microsoft which gives a good basic starting viewpoint of the last 28 days’ activity. However, it’s perhaps not the most intuitive of toolsets and what if you want to manage trends of activity over a longer period of time?

This is where Code Software’s ClobbaMT starts to deliver real value to the organisation. Firstly, for those of you who have experienced Clobba for Skype for Business, it is an extremely easy-to-use application.

Business managers who want to retrieve stats on productivity or client management no longer need to be analysis platform experts. Using the simple yet powerful search function, they can find the information they need, download into a portable file and share with colleagues in a matter of seconds.

Moreover, this is not just a tool for telling you what happened yesterday or last week; with ClobbaMT, your IT strategy manager can see what was happening 6 months ago and compare the data with the ensuing months to see what kind of activity trajectory their business is travelling in – a vital insight for a company that has invested so much resource into making their transformation to Teams a success.

So, ClobbaMT is accessible, secure, vastly scalable and insightful. It delivers relevant information quickly and effortlessly. And it looks great too; those who have trialed the software have called it the most intuitive and best-looking analytics package they have ever used, so kudos to the design and development team for achieving this.

Best of all though is that it’s a continually evolving kit. Direct routing PSTN stats are already available, soon to be augmented by calling plans reporting. And, as Teams is a part of the Office365 ecosystem, it was a key remit of Clobba to deliver more broadly on the other applications within the 365 suite.

These are exciting times for Microsoft customers. The rapid growth of Teams adoption can only help to benefit everyone as Microsoft and their technology partners continue to innovate to meet the ever-evolving demands and expectations.

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