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Reporting, Analytics and Voice Recording for Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business

The Clobba suite of solutions delivers, in a single application, a Microsoft Teams advanced analytics, reporting and voice recording tool. This can monitor and manage multiple elements of even the most complex Teams environments. Microsoft Teams as a true enterprise Unified Communication and Collaboration solution has been growing steadily over recent years. With the recent surge in numbers of home workers the adoption of Teams has accelerated exponentially; recent figures released by Microsoft show a growth of 70% of daily active users. The rapid shift to enable a home workforce has presented many organizations with challenges around business continuity and ensuring employee productivity levels are at a satisfactory level. Insights into productivity levels are now at the forefront of many organizations reporting requirements, whether these are Teams Call Queue and Auto Attendants, agent call handling statistics or the general visibility of call analytics. Using the Microsoft Teams analytics dashboard gives the user insights into Teams usage.

"The need for a configurable Microsoft Teams analytics tool delivering business insights has never been greater for IT admins and heads of business alike"

Clobba - Microsoft Teams Queues & Auto Attendants



If you’re using Teams Queues and Auto Attendants and need visibility of call handling, agent performance and call routing take a look at this short Clobba demo video it could be the solution you are looking for!


ClobbaVR is a simple to use and affordable Voice Recording solution for Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business which is typically used for training, monitoring and dispute resolution.


User adoption is essential to the successful deployment of Teams and Skype for Business. Clobba is used to drive the adoption and highlight areas requiring further education and training within an organization.


Focusing on Microsoft Teams call analytics, it is possible to upload carrier call tariff tables to enable departmental billing and ownership and management of call costs.


Microsoft Teams Queue and AA reporting has become an essential element of ensuring business continuity with a remote workforce to maintain SLA’s and the highest levels of customer satisfaction.


The advanced Microsoft Teams reporting available ensures that the workforce, regardless of location is working as efficiently as possible and retaining business continuity.


SIP trunk utilization can be viewed leading to informed decisions being made on purchasing more trunks or cancelling redundant ones.


ClobbaDM presents an inventory of users and associated headsets ensuring the adoption and on-going use of approved headsets. Headset firmware can also be managed with ClobbaDM.


Monitoring call quality information is key to maintaining the highest levels of service delivery both internally and externally.


As room system use increases, the ROI and use needs to be analyzed. Clobba reports show these details where a room system is an ‘end point’ within Teams.


ClobbaRM enables the management of multiple DID ranges with a ‘single pane of glass’ view where moves, adds and changes of DID’s can be applied, new ranges added and alerts generated when a range is nearing capacity.

Customization is at the heart of Clobba allowing users to define exactly what business insights are presented


Giving a snapshot view on a single day, users can select relevant dashboards with details on user adoption, call quality, employee productivity, Teams queue and AA performance and SIP trunk utilization. Filters can be applied at organization level to home in on specific business areas.


The ability to look at trends over a defined date range is available with Clobba where filters can also be applied at OU level. These monitors ensure user adoption, call quality and service delivery are at acceptable levels and can include multiple data sources for example to monitor the transition to Teams from Skype for Business


Fully automated the reports can be filtered and sorted to ensure only the required insights are being delivered. The report designer adds another level of customization allowing the user to create their own report templates from scratch.


We understand that the need for quick filtering and sorting to access relevant data is a key element to an efficient reporting tool and have included  Calls and Conference pages for on screen reporting and data dissection.


The quickest way to get to detailed information is using the search feature. Simply search on an employee, queue or number and you will be taken to the relevant information.


An unlimited number of user policies can be defined restricting access at both organizational and feature level. Clobba also supports Microsoft Single Sign On.


Clobba can automatically import a company’s organization structure allowing for filtering and reporting at specified OU levels.


Users can set thresholds on certain call parameters such as call cost, duration, ring-time or call error code. An email is triggered and sent as soon as the call is terminated allowing for a proactive response.

Our Solutions

Clobba is a Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business advanced analytics tool. User driven, it gives quick and easy access to relevant insights through search-based reporting, dashboards, trend monitor, automated reports and on screen data dissection functionality.

ClobbaMT is an Microsoft Teams advanced analytics tool. Analyze the performance and usage of the Teams within your organization. Visibility of Teams and individual user Teams activity. Using the Microsoft Teams dashboard ensures the technology has been successfully adopted and the associated business benefits and productivity gains are being realized.

ClobbaMT screen shot

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ClobbaRT is a Skype for Business reporting tool. User defined live calls wallboard’s and presence reporting specifically for Skype for Business Response Groups. Used to drive performance and productivity gains for agents and the associated RG’s. Use ClobbaRT for Skype for Business online monitoring and reporting.  

ClobbaVR is a simple to use and affordable Voice Recording solution for Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business. It is used for dispute resolution, training and monitoring and to ensure business continuity across a remote workforce.

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