Solutions for Microsoft UC&C

We offer a suite of products to help make your Microsoft Unified Communications & Collaboration (UC&C) installation more manageable, measurable and productive.

Our products support Skype for Business on-premises, Skype for Business online and Microsoft Teams.

Powerful dashboards and reports to monitor your Microsoft UC&C usage, call quality, user adoption, productivity and costs

Teams collaboration reporting and analytics  driving user adoption

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Live wallboards and reports to monitor and manage Response Group agent and queue performance

Our PCI-compliant Skype for Business client-side voice recorder. Typically used for dispute resolution, training and compliance.

Codie, the AI Reporting Bot

Codie is an AI based bot which allows you to run your Clobba reports directly from your SfB chat client. Simply ask for the report you require in natural English and it will be delivered to your inbox within seconds.

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