Client side voice recording for Microsoft Teams & Skype for Business

Simple, affordable Voice Recording for Microsoft Teams & Skype for Business

ClobbaVR is a simple to use, cost effective Voice Recording solution for Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business. Typical use is for training and monitoring of agents and dispute resolution.

When recording a Microsoft Teams user Clobba uses the Call Recording Graph API and activates a BOT once a recorded call is confirmed, all calls for a specified user are recorded. ClobbaVR is installed on the Teams tenant servers giving ownership of recordings to you. This allows data sovereignty to remain within the user organization. As ClobbaVR is located locally, users also have the ability to store the calls for a long as required. A Microsoft Teams E5 or Phone System licence is required for each recorded user from which inbound / outbound / internal / external / peer-to-peer and conference calls are recorded.

For recording of Skype for Business users ClobbaVR client software is loaded onto the user devise to collect the recording before sending back to a central server.

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Clobba VR is a simple to use, centralised voice recording solution for Microsoft Teams & Skype for Business

  • Microsoft Teams users must install on their Azure tenant
  • Skype for Business users can deploy ClobbaVR on-premises or via the cloud
  • Security policies allowing for role-based access
  • Integration with AD
  • Skype for Business Response Group and Microsoft Teams queues calls recorded
  • Table view for quick searching and identification of calls
  • Listing of all call participants including duration on the call
  • Support for P2P and conference calls
  • Encrypted transfer of recorded calls
  • Blanket recording – with record all calls for specified users

Cost effective voice recording designed for training and monitoring and dispute resolution purposes

  • Designed specifically for Microsoft’s Teams & Skype for Business, ClobbaVR will assist organizations with agent training and monitoring and customer dispute resolution.
  • By recording and monitoring calls employees can be assured of the highest levels of training for call handling resulting in increased customer satisfaction.
    Specifics of a call can be verified and disputes resolved quickly which also safeguards your employees from abuse.
  • It has an intuitive browser-based interface with an easy search and identification of required calls.
  • Recorded calls can be played back or downloaded for future review or distribution.
  • The client installation for Skype for Business users is quick and can be automated with calls being stored centrally either to the Code Cloud or on customer severs.

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