Real-time wallboards for SfB Response Groups and Amazon Connect

Real-time wallboards for Skype for Business Response Groups and Amazon Connect

ClobbaRT, an additional module to Clobba, is a cost-effective alternative to full contact center software for users of Skype for Business Response Groups and a simple and ‘out-of-the-box’ way to view and report on Amazon Connect. It delivers live call wallboards and supporting reports to view and monitor agents and queues in real-time.

Find out how ClobbaRT can help you save money, increase productivity and grow customer satisfaction

Simple to use and user definable

Realtime wallboards

  • Live and historical calls, agent and RG / Queue information is displayed on monitors which can be selected by each user to ensure relevance of information:
    • Agent presence status
    • Inbound call summary
    • Call distribution by location
    • RG / Queue summary
    • Outbound dials
    • Average call duration
    • Average ring-time
    • Answered calls
    • Missed calls
    • Max ringtime
    • Active calls
    • Available agents
    • Agents logged on
    • Calls in queue
    • Average queue time
    • Longest call waiting
  • Filters can be applied to each monitor such as specific RG / Queue or agents

RG / Queue monitor

  • Select a Response Group or queue to analyze call handing and performance down to agent level
  • Specify the date range for analysis
  • Overview of RG / Queue performance
  • Red / Amber / Green highlighting performance KPIs

Presence reporting

  • View summary and detailed information on agent availability status including login and log out time

The cost effective alternative for users of SfB Response Groups and Amazon Connect

Performance management

Monitor call handling times and agent activity to manage RG’s / Quesues and maximise employee productivity

Faster response times

Ensure the correct allocation of  agents to queues to maintain call handling times meeting your KPI’s

Transparent call status

Monitor the status of each call for at-a-glance understanding of agent and queue performance. Both caller and callee details are displayed

    The ClobbaRT brochure will be available shortly to download. Please contact us if you require more information at this point.




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