Management, reporting and inventory of your headsets and devices
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Management, reporting and inventory of your headsets and devices

ClobbaDM (Device Manager software) is a simple to use tool which integrates with headset vendor management software to provide inventory, reporting and management of your entire headset estate. With a single application you can integrate with multiple vendors including Jabra, Poly and EPOS. It allows you to realize productivity gains whilst driving the user adoption of devices. The integration with Clobba allows end-to-end visibility of both headset and UC&C call quality with support for Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Amazon Chime and Connect and Cisco. With the recent shift to a remote workforce the requirement for visibility of device usage has never been greater to ensure the highest levels of service delivery whilst maintaining a good customer experience. 

Simply manage and report on your devices with ClobbaDM

JABRA headset reporting – POLY headset reporting – EPOS headset reporting 

Combine Clobba and ClobbaDM to give you that single pane of glass view of both your UC&C platform and associated devices

  • Delivery from the cloud, cloud based managed services 
    Quick and simple installation
  • Synchronization with AD
  • Comprehensive security policies allowing for role based access
  • Customizable daily dashboards displaying:
      1. Device firmware: The number of device on the most current firmware
      2. Device types: The percentage of different devices used across the organization
      3. Low quality devices: The top 10 device types used in the organization by poor quality                                                      4. Quality trend: An overview of combined UC&C and device quality performance
  • Device inventory by user showing the following fileds: Employee, Vendor, Model, Firmware, Device ID, Client version, Endpoint, User, First seen, Last seen
  • Firmware list showing all available firmware versions for each device type: Vendor, Version, Description, Release date and Adoption % of that firmware version
  • Detailed description of each firmware version
  • Ability to bulk assign the firmware to All, Device, Organization unit or location

Make the most out of your investment in UC&C headsets and devices

Monitor Call Quality
ClobbaDM displays quality information from both the headset and the UC&C platform giving a unique insight into the quality of service. This is essential to ensure customer satisfaction, both internally and externally.

Manage Resources
Use the bulk function of ClobbaDM to speed up the tasks of updating device firmware and basic device settings whilst reducing the risk of human error.

Increase User Adoption
Ensure the highest levels of call quality and highlight the use of None Approved Devices (NADs) to ensure that your UC&C strategies have been adopted and use of approved devices is at the required level.

Device Inventory
Quickly view the allocation of headsets and devices across the organization including firmware versions and usage stats associated with a user’s device.

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Find out first hand how ClobbaDM can help you manage and report whilst saving money, increasing productivity and growing customer satisfaction.

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