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Reporting, Analytics and Wallboards for Amazon Chime and Connect

Amazon Connect is an easy to use omnichannel cloud contact center built by AWS over the last 10 years and now has thousands of customers world-wide. Amazon Chime is a communications service that lets you meet, chat, and place business calls inside and outside your organization, all using a single application. With the recent surge in numbers of home workers the adoption of both Connect and Chime has accelerated exponentially and has presented many organizations with challenges around business continuity and ensuring employee productivity levels are at a satisfactory level. Codes solutions deliver in an AWS advanced analytic tool used to monitor and manage both platforms to ensure the highest levels of service delivery and ROI. Clobba offers Amazon Chime reporting and Amazon Connect reporting, see more information below on our solutions. 

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"The need for a comprehensive AWS UC reporting tool delivering business insights has never been greater for IT admins and heads of business alike."

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User adoption is essential to the successful deployment of Teams. Kigali is used to drive the adoption of Chime ensuring business continuity and correct use of the technology.

What can our solution do?


Monitoring calls costs with Amazon Chime ensure cost saving are being realized and potential abuse is highlighted.


The advanced reporting available for both Connect and Chime ensures that the workforce, regardless of location are working as efficiently as possible and delivering the highest levels of customer satisfaction.


Amazon Connect call Queue performance can be viewed either via the real-time wallboards or trends such as call handling times over a user defined date range. This is has become essential to ensure business continuity with a remote workforce maintaining SLA’s and the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Customization is at the heart of Kigali and Clobba allowing users to define exactly what business insights are presented


Giving a snapshot view on a single day users select relevant dashboards with details on call costs, user adoption, employee productivity and queue performance. Filters can be applied at organization level to hone in specific business areas.


The ability to look at performance trends of Amazon Connect queues over a defined date range is available with Clobba. This ensures the highest levels of service delivery.


The reports can be filtered and sorted to ensure only the relevant insights are viewed. The report designer adds another level of customization allowing for the fields within a report to be selected. Your reporting option are literally endless.


We understand that the need for quick filtering and sorting to access relevant data is key to efficient reporting tools and have included a calls and conference page for on screen reporting.


The quickest way to get to detailed information is using the search feature. Simply search on employee, queue or number and you will be taken to the relevant page.


User can set thresholds on certain call parameters on Amazon Connect such as: call cost, call duration and ring-time. An email is triggered and sent as soon as the call is terminated so the relevant action can be taken.


An unlimited number of user policies can be defined restricting access at both organizational and feature level.


Clobba can automatically import a company’s organization structure allowing for specific filtering at OU level.


Clobba and Kigali can retain data for as long as users require it.

Our Solutions

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Kigali is a comprehensive reporting and analytics solution for Amazon Chime. Visibility of Chime usage ensures it's as manageable, measurable and productive as possible

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ClobbaRT is a powerful cloud-based monitoring and reporting solution for Amazon Connect, Amazon’s self-service customer contact center. Delivering user defined realtime wallboards, perfomance trend monitors and comprehensive productivity and presence reports

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