New Features & Software Updates

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Clobba Dashboards

If you’re using Teams Call Queues and Auto Attendants we’ve just made the Clobba dashboards a whole lot more intuitive and fun with the inclusion of thresholds which you can set to meet your unique SLA’s.


ClobbaVR - Security policies, recorded call page & delete function

Many organizations using Teams have a basic requirement for recording calls to be used for monitoring, training and dispute resolution, especially relevant for those with a large number of remote workers.

ClobbaVR is the cost effective solution for these basic voice recording requirements. The Code dev team has been busy adding features to ClobbaVR which have now been released to general availability:

  • 3 levels of user security policies: User (Access to only their recordings), Manager (Access to their team’s recordings) and Admin (Access to all recordings). The user profile is taken from the credentials specified in Azure AD and allocated when a user logs on with SSO.
  • Recorded call page (Seen below) showing an overview of the call, participants and the Play, Download and Delete button

ClobbaDM - Summary and drill through on use of Teams Certified Devices and WiFi usage

With the increase in homeworkers comes the temptation to use those Air Pods or Gaming headset when making a call instead of the Teams certified devices they have been issued with. 

In addition the use of Wi-Fi calling has grown exponentially with the employees being typically outside of the corporate network. Use of both N.A.D.’s and Wi-Fi can cause a degradation in call quality resulting in a reduction in user experience and overall satisfaction with Teams. 

The latest addition ClobbaDM (Device Manager) delivers visibility of the % of user of None Approved Devices (N.A.D. – None Teams Certified devices) and the % of Wi-Fi calls, from here drill through to get individual users and calls details ensuring the investment in those Certified Teams Devices has not been in vain.

CLOBBA V4.0 is now live!

Some of the features added to Clobba V4.0 are as follows:

  • Teams Auto Attendant and Queues Dashboards and reports 
  • Teams Room System Adoption and usage reporting 
  • On screen report sorting and filtering 
  • MS Single Sign on
  • Compliance based Voice Recording 
  • Trend analytics over defined date range 
  • Device Management for Jabra, EPOS and Poly
  • Poor call quality causes

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Filters on Response Groups (Auto Attendants) and Queues

A small added feature is Clobba now has separate filters now on all relevant monitors for Response Groups (Auto Attendants) and Queues. 

To find out more read our latest blog here:


The callback feature increases the functionality for Teams Queues and Auto Attendant reporting. The Callbacks monitor displays the number of calls missed by a queue or Auto Attendant and the corresponding number of callbacks that have been made to the unanswered callers. Drill through presents the call details and if necessary return calls can be made, increasing customer service levels.

JULY 2020

Room System Reporting

With the move of staff back to offices around the world, use of Room Systems as a collaboration tool is on the increase. Clobba can now view room systems usage (Average duration per day, per room system and total duration of room systems) with the ability to filter on date range, room, end point and location. This ensures the investment in Teams Room Systems is delivering the expected benefits and justifying the investment.

Dashboard - Trends

The dashboards can now show trends over a user defined date range in addition to the single day view. This allows for analysis and management of productivity, user adoption, call quality and costs over time leading into a more effective deployment of Unified Communications.