Put an end to managing your DIDs with spreadsheets – LIVE WEBINAR (45 mins)

Join our latest webinar on Wednesday 27th of April, 10am and 4pm GMT

Clobba RM delivers powerful DID range and number management along with number provisioning within a Teams Voice environment.

If you are frustrated with trying to efficiently manage your phone numbers via numerous spreadsheets or other tools why not join us on the 27th at either 10.00 or 16.00 (GMT). You will see first-hand how Clobba RM can take the hassle and risk away from number management. The session will include the key features available with Clobba RM including:

  • A single view across multiple DID ranges
  • DID allocation
  • Number provisioning for MS Teams
  • Summary view of ranges including capacity
  • Quick identification of next available DID in range
  • Bulk number provisioning
  • Creating a new DID range
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Identify rogue DIDs
  • Role based access and associated user profiles
  • DID range capacity threshold-based alerts
  • DID verification

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