Partner Relationships

Three years ago, Code opened up the US office due to the demand of our MS and SfB enhanced reporting and analytics offering. 


Originally called UC Analytics, Code rebuilt the product from scratch last Summer and is now known as “Clobba”.   At the beginning we had a few partners who were helping us build the US Market.  At Code, the business approach was to build the Partner Network as our quickest way to market.  We’ve continued to add Partners and I’m honored to work with each of you. 

What has been interesting to be a part of is how explosive the need/requirement has been for Clobba not only since the Covid Crisis but also the MS TEAMS CDR Graph APIs finally reached G.A.  These two events somewhat happening simultaneously have produced an incredible upswing in our Partner’s Sales activities.  I won’t sugar coat it, the two years we patiently waited for Microsoft to release the TEAMS CDRs can only be characterized as “excruciating”.  Code soldiered on by continuing to add Partners that realized the value proposition of having the ability to offer Clobba to their client base.  We found direct opportunities where we would bring our partners into the conversation.  Granted, Code may have lost some margin by doing this but our partner base is our lifeline and this only makes sense to do.  Code enhanced Clobba in anticipation of being TEAMS enabled.  We worked closely with Jabra to develop our Clobba DM (Device Management) module and can now include Poly and EPOS (Seinnheiser).   The current version of Clobba was built not only by our Expert Developers but by customer and partner input.  We own this product together!!

For me, the best part of all of our partner relationships is recognizing we aren’t our partner’s primary source of revenue.  But together, we realize that by asking the simple needs analysis questions about reporting requirements we can quickly identify opportunities within our partner’s ecosystem.  This tends to become a sticky offering for our partner and our shared customers.  We have different types of partners; hosted partners, referral partners, white labeled partners, small partners and large partners.  Our job is make sure each partner and each sales person within that Partner has the tools necessary to address every situation.  Some partners do their own installation, some want us to do it.  Some partners allow us access to their systems so we can demo off their platforms and represent them during the demo.  We continue to enhance our Partner portal via our website. Whatever the relationship requires, we are beyond flexible to ensure a successful engagement.

Code is destined to grow leaps and bounds in the near future.  We thank you for your contributions and continue to welcome any and all feedback.  Together this will only improve our combined experience. 

Feel free to contact me with any comments and suggestions

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