Our lucky 7 supported UC and trading technology platforms

Happy New Year everyone! 

The world still feels like a strange place but here at Code Software we are hopeful for brighter times just over the horizon.  It is looking like a very exciting time at Code as we plan for the year ahead with our lucky 7 supported UC and trading technology platforms. 


Here’s a brief update on what we are doing with each technology. 

  1. Avaya – since its rebirth in 2018, Code has built on its Avaya capabilities and customer base. We are anticipating further growth in this area in 2021, particularly with those customers which have a blend of technology platforms in their organisations.  
  2. Cisco – we have an enviable customer base on Cisco UC and 2021 should see a year of consolidation and growth, particularly in focus sectors such as finance, legal and insurance where there is already mutual strength of our technologies. With the likely continuation of remote working for the foreseeable future, Cisco Webex is coming into its own, and the need to manage business continuity to ensure business resilience, means advanced reporting and business insight is more important than ever. 
  3. IPC – last year had a profound impact on the global financial services sector and barriers were broken down which previously seemed impossible. Homeworking for traders became a thing and consequently reliable surveillance and management measures became even more necessary. 2021 for Code in this space, we expect to see further growth of reporting tools for Unigy and the continuation of transitioning the remaining Etrali stalwarts out there.   
  4. Microsoft – 2020 saw an unprecedented (sorry) increase in home-working and in the end, Microsoft Teams won the slog-fest with Zoom to achieve over 115 million daily active users by the end of October. This boom in adoption of Teams produced a similar effect in the need for reporting and analytics so consequently 2020 was a year of dramatic growth at Code. 
  5. Mitel – whether an organisation is retaining its Mitel environment or transitioning to a collaboration tool such as Teams, Code can facilitate the on-going management or help monitor the success of the change programme. 
  6. Speakerbus – we are anticipating advancement of the Speakerbus/Code partnership in 2021 and further development of the growth area in the APAC region. Speakerbus’ innovative solutions for the finance sector and emergency services continue to evolve, particularly with the introduction of ARIA – again, focused on the shift to flexi/remote working – and Code’s ambition for 2021 is to become a key strategic partner for the years to come. 

If you are a technology partner, VAR, end-user, consultant or just an interested observer, get in touch to discuss any of our solutions. 

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