Newsletter July 2020

Hello and welcome to the July edition of our Newsletter. This month we have a Microsoft announcement and also a great blog written by Steve Bruno. Other articles this month include new features of our software and also welcoming Debbie our newest member of staff onboard. At Code Software we love collaborations so, if you are interested in featuring in one of our future newsletters please get in touch

New Partner Announcement

Code Software has partnered with Olive + Goose. 

Olive + Goose was founded in Seattle with the intent of creating an agile, quality-focused technology consulting organization, trusted by small and large businesses alike. We innovate, support, and drive success with our customers by offering business consulting, technical consulting, and managed services – all custom tailored to the scenarios our clients are facing. We’re a strategic, globally-distributed Microsoft partner with more than 10 Gold Competencies. Our modern consulting approach combines a deep customer commitment with years of industry experience and world-renowned subject-matter expertise to help you solve your business and technology needs. 

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Call Detail Graph API Now GA 

Microsoft announced this month the long awaited Call Detail Graph API has gone to General Availability. Great news for us, our partners and our customers who now have the assurance that the beta testing phase is complete and the robust CDR collection method using web hooks is delivering a relevant and accurate data set for Clobba. Code worked closely with Microsoft throughout being selected for the Call Detail Graph API ‘Super TAP’ assisting Microsoft during the development phase which ensured the suitability of the collection method. The result is Clobba is now the market leading reporting and analytic tool for Microsoft Teams. 

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Feature Update – Dashboard Trends 

The dashboards can now show trends over a user defined date range in addition to the single day view. This allows for analysis and management of productivity, user adoption,
call quality and costs over time leading into a more effective deployment of Unified Communications.

dashboard trends
Clobba wallboard

Working from home is so 1990s – written by Steve Bruno  

15 years ago, Microsoft shook the roof at Enterprise Connect with the announcement of Office Communications Server and the concept of “unified communications”. I was fortunate to be a part of the start of this revolution. The internet was just getting its running feet and what is the internet, but cheap, ubiquitous communication. The components of UC were already out there: IM via yahoo, Web Conferencing via Go to Meeting, IP Telephony owned by Cisco, and Contact Center solution for Customer Service dominated by Avaya/Nortel. They were all siloed and from multivendor land. The initial reaction was “what did Microsoft understand about Telephony and Network?”. They were lauded and lumped in with the disaster that was Windows Vista. Microsoft could never do what Cisco was doing! (was the general reaction from the thought leaders at the time.) How wrong they were. Two years later every vendor that attended the show had changed their branding and their titles to “unified communications this and that” and the race was on. Cisco clearly saw the threat and tried to launch their own email platform. It was a stunning admission when everyone realized the power and value of UC is not the network or the physical phone. It was the productivity solutions with communications modalities behind it that would eventually rule the day. Read the full blog here

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