Newsletter August 2020

Hello and welcome to the August edition of our Newsletter. This month we have welcomed new partners onboard, added new features to Clobba and blogs to keep you in the know and up to date! At Code Software we love collaborations so, if you are interested in featuring in one of our future newsletters please get in touch with us

We’re live on Marketplace

Code Software is now live on Microsoft Azure Marketplace and Appsource. The Clobba suite of
solutions delivers, in a single application, a Microsoft Teams advanced analytics, reporting and voice recording tool. This can monitor and manage multiple elements of even the most complex Teams environments. Clobba is certified and optimized to run on Azure.

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New Partner Announcement

Code Software has partnered with Altigen. 

Who are Altigen? 

Altigen Communications, Inc., a leading Microsoft Cloud Solutions provider, delivers fully managed Unified Communications services, offering Hosted Skype for Business, Teams Phone System, Advanced Cloud PBX, and Innovative Cloud Contact Center applications. Our unique and feature rich Cloud PBX and Multi-channel Contact Center solutions natively integrate with Skype for Business, Teams Phone System and Office 365 to deliver business critical communications capabilities. 

Deployed as fully managed services, our portfolio of Cloud-based Unified Communications solutions greatly simplifies deployment and ongoing system management while enabling our customers to substantially reduce IT support costs and lower total cost of ownership.

Altigen’s worldwide headquarters is in Silicon Valley, California. Local sales, service and support are provided by Altigen and our global network of certified partners

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New Teams Queues & Auto Attendants video 

See our new video on Queues and AAs for Microsoft Teams. With the widespread deployment of Teams as a complete voice platform many organizations are using the Queue and Auto Attendant features which offer a solution to call routing and handling. 

Microsoft Advanced Communication License 

Written by Kieran Mullins – Partner Business Director 

August saw a bit of a curve ball delivered by Microsoft in the shape of the Advanced Communications License. On the face of it, it delivers a set of features with the promise of more to come later in the year. Live events of up to 20,000 attendees, 50 concurrent events and up to 16 hours continuous broadcast. Later in the year, we can expect the capability to host meetings of up to 1000 active participants and up to 20,000 view-only participants and the option of custom-branded meeting lobbies. So far, so good and decent value as well as only the creator of the meeting or event needs to have the extra license. 

 The sticking point comes in the two “features” which deliver integration for voice recording and contact centre. Access to these APIs was previously unlicensed, and therefore not charged. From August 1st, however, this functionality is part of the Advanced Communications License which carries a monthly fee of $12 per user. This obviously causes a headache for companies who need to have call recording or contact centre functionality as they still need to purchase the license to deliver the respective functionality. Equally, it puts the recording and contact centre vendors in a difficult situation seeing a major hike in the cost of delivering their services on Teams.

Read the full blog here

Clobba feature updates: Callbacks 

The callback feature increases the functionality for Teams Queues and Auto Attendant reporting. The Callbacks monitor displays the number of calls missed by a Queue or Auto Attendant and the corresponding number of callbacks that have been made to the unanswered callers. Drill through presents the call details and if necessary return calls can be made, increasing customer service levels.

Callback monitor
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