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FREE reporting and monitoring of Microsoft Teams for organizations with up to 100 Teams users.

Installed in minutes and delivered from our cloud, Clobba GO takes you into the world of reporting for Microsoft Teams. Complete the form, you will receive an email with a link and follow the 6 steps in the guide below. It’s as simple as that, you have access to valuable insights into user adoption and performance of employees through its configurable dashboards and reporting pages.

Please note: Support is not included. This can be purchased in 10 hour bundles if required.

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Key Features


The dashboard gives a snapshot view on a single day or can display trends over a user defined date range. Filters can be applied to all monitors to ensure only relevant details are displayed.

Calls page

The calls page allows you to get more granular on your specific reporting requirements. You can select the columns to be displayed on screen and reposition them. Direct filtering and data grouping is available to ensure the relevance of data displayed.

Conference Page

The conference page displays selected conference summary information with the option to drill through to the conference monitor for more in depth analysis on the selected conference. Direct filtering and grouping can be applied to the conference page for quick access to relevant data.

Organization structure

Your company data structure will automatically be imported from Azure AD using graph API so you have meaningful data to view.

FREE reporting and monitoring of Microsoft Teams for organizations with up to 100 Teams users.

If required support packages are available please contact for further details.

There is a simple upgrade to the paid version of Clobba if you require more features and functionality. Clobba is a suite of software which can assist in other areas of your Microsoft Teams deployment including real-time presence visibility, Call Queue and Auto Attendant reporting and management, Voice Recording, DID range management, reporting and device management.

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