Case Study – Publicis

Stephen Cronin, EMEA UC Manager, Publicis Group on why they chose Code for their UC analytics solution.

Why Code?

“We decided to go with Code Software because we felt that they could meet the demands and requirements that we needed from a Skype reporting and monitoring tool. We needed to be sure that the multitude of various different reports and dashboards that we would need could be met.

We also needed to be sure that whoever we went with would be dynamic enough in their approach and could create different report types for us as and when we needed. As a global company of nearly 80K employees this was of paramount importance to us. Each of our agencies have different needs and we wanted to make sure we had a product that could fulfill those needs. Code Software did just that.”

What do you use the software for?

Monitor Call Quality:
“Being able to quickly look at a reported call issue and have all the relevant information is of critical importance to us so we can resolve ASAP.”

“Because our company is global, we require all types of different reports and the solution is great at being able to add/remove fields where necessary to suit the different requirements of our agencies.”

Are you considering othre modules?

“Yes, Clobba RM the DID Range Manager – This is a huge issue for us trying to confidently be sure what numbers are free to use or not and is something we will be requesting Code to implement for us in the near future.

We will also be looking at Clobba DM, the headset device manager. We have an extensive estate of headsets and a central management and reporting portal should present a number of benefits including efficient management leading to a reduction in costs.”

Anything else?

“Finally I would just like to add that the support that we receive on a daily basis from the Code support team really is fantastic.

Whenever I have a question or issue I simply send the support team an email and within minutes they have replied either with a solution or to jump on a call to deep dive further. I can’t speak highly enough of the team.”