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Beating Blue Monday

10 Top Tips for Getting through the WORST day of the year.

The Christmas Tree is back in the loft, you’ve sold the presents you never wanted to receive and you’re trying to lose the two stone you’ve put on from drinking and eating your body weight every day for the last month.

It’s a sad day for everyone. Reality has hit, January is back and more miserable than ever.

What do you have to look forward to? No wonder they call it blue Monday.

However, do not fear! Here at Code we stick our fingers up to today because we have our top 10 tips for getting you through!

1.SHUT IT OUT – Shut all the blinds whilst in the office. Instead of looking out into the grey abyss replace your windows with photos of the Bahamas (or something more realistic like Benidorm), turn the heating up to at least 30c and you can almost feel like you are on the beach with cocktail in hand.            

2. CLOBBA – Time yourself to build a new dashboard layout in Clobba – your target should be less than 60 seconds

3. COMPLIMENTS – Try and compliment your work colleagues at least once a day and get them to do the same. (I know what you’re thinking, Barbara in accounts is a right witch and the only positive thing you could compliment on is when she is on annual leave) but please try your best.  

 4. CLOBBA – Analyse an employees trends of UC usage, feel good about your investment in UC

5. COFFEE – Drink coffee at least once every half an hour. Don’t worry about the palpitations its just part and parcel of the adrenaline rush, it will wear off at around 2am when you’re staring at the ceiling thinking about the next day at work.

6. CLOBBA – Show off to a colleague how easy it is using the search based reporting feature in Clobba

7. GREEN = HEALTHY – Eat something green. Believe me after eating just one salad you will feel like you have the body of Beyonce and are capable of anything.

8. CLOBBA – Change the colour palette you’re using in Clobba – a colour scheme to reflect any emotion you may be feeling 

9. CLOBBA – Make yourself feel better by naming and shaming anyone using None Approved Devices (Headsets)

10. REMEMBER – Remember that January is going to be over soon, and it will get better. All jokes aside January can be a very stressful time for many people but just count down the days and Summer will soon be here (if not start looking at flights to hotter, more glorious countries).

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