Lync Reporting

Lync really launched Microsoft into the communications market with a fully featured communications and collaboration tool available anywhere there’s internet and on multiple devices. However, with the complexities of this came the challenges of management and control. UC Analytics presents a Lync reporting solution addressing these challenges to make Lync manageable, measurable and productive.

Using voice, video, IM, conferencing, screen sharing and file transfers from a single application presents many benefits including cost savings and maximizing productivity. In reality though, if the users are not adopting the new technology many of the benefits will not be realised which is where the requirement for a Lync reporting solution and accurate Lync billing becomes a necessity.

UC Analytics gives 360° visibility of your Lync consumption. It delivers only relevant information through its configurable dashboards, wall boards and automated reports ensuring your investment in time money and resources is delivering the business benefits you expected. The key reporting areas are User Adoption, Employee Productivity, Call Quality, Capacity Planning and Cost Management and Control and Billing.

An effective Lync reporting strategy will result in increased business productivity, operational efficiencies, improved employee adoption and satisfaction and that cost savings through Lync billing are being realised. In addition, an insight of call quality and capacity issues with the historical reports and the use of system alerts enables you to pre-actively monitor service anomalies through to root cause analysis.

So, whether you are a large, global corporate or small to medium size business we have the Lync reporting and Lync billing solution to drive the consumption of UC, reduce cost and monitor call quality. Contact us now for a free demonstration or trial.