Cost Management

At Code Software we understand that cost management of Unified Communications is vital to your bottom line. Unless you can effectively monitor usage and potential abuse of UC it is almost an impossibility to keep your costs within acceptable limits.

With UC Analytics we have the perfect solution to help you monitor and control your company’s resources with the accurate billing reporting. Industry research shows that the successful deployment of a UC reporting solution can see call costs reduce by up to 20% through monitoring of none business related communication.

An unlimited number of carrier tariffs can be uploaded ensuring that all call are costed correctly and presented in the billing reports. This information can then automatically be distributed with whatever frequency is required for management and control by the individual cost centres.

Various cost management reports can be built and scheduled to run automatically which can be in summary or detailed format and filtered on the desired organisation unit such as location, department or even down to individual employees. Standard billing reports can also be run to show details such as the most costly employees or calls.

UC Analytics also has an Alarms feature which can be an essential part of an organisations cost management strategy. An unlimited number of alarms can set with a threshold based on a predefined cost value, when a call is terminated which meets this criteria an email alert is sent so further investigation can be made.

Toll fraud is becoming more prevalent with some organisations being ‘hacked’ for thousands in call charges. The Budget feature of UC Analytics allows a financial or duration monthly budget to be set against a user. Email notification can be sent when a percentage of this budget is hit and when the budget is passed it is possible to automatically bar outbound dialling which mitigates the threat of Toll Fraud. The automatic barring of outbound calling is optional and only available on Lync, Skype for Business and Cisco based deployments.

Cost management is essential for an organisations continued success and with UC Analytics you have the tools to ensure that you are maximising profits and minimising employee abuse of resources. Contact us now to demonstrate how the billing features within UC Analytics can benefit your organisation.