Capacity Planning

Availability of resources and employees is key to a productive and efficient communication strategy. An essential area of this is the monitoring of trunk utilisation whether these are SIP Trunks or traditional ISDN Trunks. The capacity planning features of UC Analytics will ensure that you have visibility of trunk usage to monitor if you are over capacity or under capacity.

The historical reporting capabilities of UC Analytics means that over a period of time you can review key metrics for capacity planning. Filters can be applied to the reports which can include gateways or SBC’s, it is even possible to set a required grade of service on the reports which then display the number of Trunks required to achieve the grade of service.

Capacity planning details can also be viewed at a glance with a number of near real time wallboards, these include the Peak Traffic dashboard which shows the maximum number of calls over gateways or SBC’s throughout the day and the Gateway summary dashboard which displays total number of calls.

Whether you are using Lync, Skype for Business, Cisco, Cisco Jabber, Avaya, Mitel or any other platform, the comprehensive capacity planning reporting capabilities of UC Analytics will ensure that you have the correct resources in place to deliver a reliable and consistent service to your customers.

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